Wonder Woman, Made of Clay

  • Jul. 18th, 2017 at 7:51 AM
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Thing I do not understand about what people take away from Wonder Woman: "Zeus and Ares considering Diana to be Zeus's daughter"="Diana was not sculpted from clay by Hippolyta."  It's like, they assume that the whole "sculpting from clay" thing was just a lie to get away with "where the heck did you get sperm on an island with no men."

I mean, the Greek gods were "born" and came to life in all kinds of weird and wacky ways.  Athena, for example!  Athena was Zeus' daughter with Metis (and very similar to Diana of Themyscira, in a lot of ways).  How was Athena born?  She sprang fully formed from Zeus's head!  He was still her father and Metis her mother.  A bunch of Zeus's other children were at least sometimes considered to have been born through means other than sexual reproduction.  (Ares' mom may have gotten pregnant with him by eating the wrong lettuce leaf at the wrong time.  Ares was still considered a child of Zeus.)  The Greek gods just kind of went with the flow.  The people involved in your creation (whether through sex or not) were your parents.

What I'm trying to say is, everything we are told in the movie could easily be true all at the same time: Hippolyta wants a daughter so she sculpted one out of clay and prayed to Zeus.  Zeus wants a god-killer to take out Ares, and so he obliged her by flinging a lightning bolt her way or whatever, and bringing the baby to life.  The Amazons know this, but what is most important to them?  This is their Queen's daughter, their princess, the only child on the island, their Diana who was sculpted out of clay by her mother.  What is most important to Ares?  That Diana was brought to life by Zeus and is thus his daughter, and therefore Ares' sister, whether or not her birth fits into the standard "mommy and daddy have sex and nine months later a child is born" model that is the only way humans reproduce.  Ares and Diana are not humans.  They are Greek god and demigod.  Ares, in particular, scorns humans, so why would he care about human definitions of parenthood and sibilinghood?  Especially when he's trying to get Diana onside.  "Come join the family" is a lot more compelling than "come join the dude you've been taught to hate all your life for all the horrible things he's done."

As for Diana?  How does she consider herself?  What is most important to her?  That she is Hippolyta's daughter, sculpted from clay.  Yes, she was brought to life by Zeus.  Yes, that means that in the way the Greek gods thought, Zeus was her father.  She acknowledges this tie.  That means Ares is her brother.  But I bet you that when you ask her how she was born, five minutes heart-to-heart with Ares on a battlefield doesn't overturn the fact that she is an Amazon and thinks like one.  And therefore, unless you are specifically considering her role as god-killer, the fact that Hippolyta sculpted her from clay is far more important than Zeus's contribution.

Look at the battle between her and Ares.  She doesn't really ... react much when Ares starts calling her his sister.  She doesn't look, talk, or act like a person having a major identity crisis.  She's just like, "okay, you want to call me sister, sure, fine, whatever, guess that fits too, let's get on with this."  She doesn't react like "OMG, my mom LIED to me, everything I know about myself is a lie!"  It's more in line with "oh, right, yeah, from your POV Zeus's contribution is the most important, whatever."

Some Hugo nominations I didn't like

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I am pleased to see the end of the Hugo voting period, because I no longer feel obliged to try anything I don't feel like! Or finish anything I don't like!

I'm looking at The Dream-Quest of Vellit Boe here. If it had been longer I hope I would have given up, but it was only a novella so I forced myself. I found it dull, and resented the time I spent reading it. But to be fair, I dislike travelogue-type stories (the worst part of an Ursula Le Guin novel is always the journey to a mountain plateau) so it was never going to work for me. I haven't read a lot of Lovecraft either, so that aspect didn't mean a lot to me. I did like the other Lovecraft-inspired novella better, The Ballad of Black Tom.

The other book that I read and disliked was All the Birds in the Sky. I didn't connect with the characters, and I read most of it with a vague disinterest. I was a good 3/4 through before I felt any narrative compulsion. Which is a shame, because I feel like it should have been more interesting to me, given the themes. But honestly if I want to read a book that concludes with Read more... )
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* My neck was actually in good enough shape to use the computer for a half hour last night. I put some clips down! But oh noes, I put a feels clip down, and getting on with vidding instead of just watching that over and over again? Tough times.

* On the subject of vidding, Fall Equinox sign ups are open :D

* You can get the game Jotun for free on Steam atm. Don't know how long it's going to last, but it looks beautiful and you get to play a viking lady out to prove her worth to the Gods.

* The new Dr is a lady? GOOD STUFF. Now let's pray we don't get an annoying, white boy companion. I might actually have to start watching it. Meanwhile, I'll settle for watching the joy of my twitter timeline, interspersed with mockery of outright stupidity. I mean, ain't that a gem?

* Florida's Walt Disney World now has plans of adding a Star Wars-themed hotel. And they're going above and beyond. Employees will be in costume and in character at all times, you'll get an identity of your own (and I do believe costuming as well), and all the windows? Will show only outer space. (!!!)

Personally, I would like to petition for more hotels with outer space windows? Gimme a sparse, space-feeley room and THE UNIVERSE OUTSIDE MY WINDOW. Think about it, you don't even have to pay for a good view, as it'll be programmed into every single room ;D



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So, at [community profile] vidukon_cardiff I had the immense pleasure of getting to vid alongside other vidders. It was 😍 and 🚀 and 😭. I hope everybody gets to experience this at some point, and with such a lovely and enthusiastic bunch as I got to share it with.

The way it worked was, we got split into groups of four, each given two memory sticks with six random movies and a timestamp to fill in the ever so epic Meatloaf song chosen by the brilliant [personal profile] brokenmnemonic. We all had a great time, and most people ended up sitting there through lunch, tinkering with their end of the timeline.

Then we all passed it off to [personal profile] lithiumdoll, completely unaware of what other people stuck in their bit, and she stitched it all together in time for us to watch it at the con. And a most serious time was had ;)

May I present to you fine folks: The Frankenvid! :DDDD
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Shield under Phil Coulson’s direction feels like some creepy cult built to lure your ass in with vague implications of “doing good” and “looking after the world”, but in the end it’s just an organization run by a mighty whitey whedon red-shirt that demands absolute loyalty or threat of exploitation when you chose not to help them (basically, it’s just another facet of the US Government.)

I think that becomes much clearer when Daisy simply decides to trust them (because Coulson drugs the undercover Nazi guy with truth serum) and the narrative has her do it without further suspicion of their intentions in episode one, and makes it so that Mike Peterson’s mistrust of organization like SHIELD is wrong because they know better than him and he needs to be saved from himself, never-mind he had legit reasons not to trust them or Daisy (after that point), who put him in their crosshairs.

Then there’s the fact that whenever there’s an organization (like the one Jiaying set up) that isn’t affiliated with Shield (and doesn’t like them), the Whedon Klan does its best to find a way to demonize anyone who a): doesn’t want to work with shield, b): doesn’t trust shield’s intentions.

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Three Things Make a Post...

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...because my brain is too wiped to think of five things.
  1. [personal profile] bookherd and her entourage came to town last weekend and stayed with us. Among other things, we did this:

    Sparkler Bomb 2017 from Sanguinity on Vimeo.

  2. Also last weekend, I woke up to find that [tumblr.com profile] nitefise-art made gorgeous art for Nostoi. I am giddy with delight. Look how beautiful that is.

    BTW, that's two-for-two on fanart for my 'dinosaur' stories. I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but [deviantart.com profile] mommacabbit/[tumblr.com profile] cephalopodqueen did a scientific illustration of the birdosaurs in Holocene Park. I grin and grin whenever I look at it.

    The making-of on those two pieces were very different, at least from my end: Cephalopodqueen consulted heavily with me, asking for my inspirations and references, while Nitefise-art went entirely their own way, revising the particulars of the scene for a bolder visual. I love both works entirely.

    While I'm on the topic, it really does seem to be "cracky premise + critter" that inspires the artists, at least where my stories are concerned. C.f. SPACE BEES by [tumblr.com profile] language-escapes for THE BEST BEE FIC ON MARS. I have absolutely no complaints about this phenomenon -- if anything, it makes me want to write MOAR cracky-premise-plus-critter stories. Fanart is such a frickin' joy. :-D

  3. And a photo I promised [personal profile] scfrankles:

    A medium with an ectoplasmic bird on his head; from "Clairvoyance and Materialisation" (1927) by Gustave Géley
    from Gustave Géley, Clairvoyance and Materialisation, 1927
    (translation of L'Ectoplasmie et la Clairvoyance)

    The photograph is the inspiration for this scene in The Land of Mist:
    'The bird!' said an awestruck whisper. )

    Doyle says in his endnotes, about this photo and the seance report that went with it: "It would take the credulity of a MacCabe to imagine that all this is imposture."

Writing Resources: Trauma and recovery

  • Jul. 14th, 2017 at 11:43 AM
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One of the things we fans love is our Woobbie Heroes, the guys (like Daniel Jackson or Bucky Barnes) who suffer so beautifully.  Hurt-comfort, we loves it, precious.  (And oh, I am dating myself with those terms.)

Anyway, there are a lot of fics about, say, Bucky recovering from torture, or where his psychological recovery is a large part of the story.  And one thing I've noticed is that the treatments for PTSD that people normally use are behind the times.  Like, they'll have talk therapy, and maybe a therapy animal or journaling--and these are good and helpful--but there's been a LOT of research into trauma disorders and recovery in the last two decades, and a lot of developments of new treatments.  Talk therapy is not the gold standard of what a cutting-edge therapist recommended by Tony Stark would use.  It might well be part of the therapy, but not the whole of it.  And Sam Wilson, working at the VA, would certainly know this as well.  I am not a professional, but I have read enough of the top books on trauma to have some feel for the subject.

If you would like to incorporate some more current research, understandings, and techniques, the best place to start is The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk.  He's got decades of experience and research dealing with combat vets, survivors of childhood abuse of every kind, and every sort of trauma you can imagine.  The book is well-written and interesting and suitable for a non-specialist to read, and it covers the history of trauma in psychology and how we learned what we know today, along with some very interesting case studies.  Best of all, the last few chapters are overviews of what he's found to be the most effective forms of treatment, including a brief overview of what the treatment is and their best guesses as to why it works, and then some examples of what's happened when he has used it or seen it used.  (Also, it's fun how he burns the DSM-V and some of his colleagues.  Like, there is SO MUCH SHADE, OH MY GOD.)

If you want some medical jargon to use in your fic, the place to start would be The Body Bears the Burden by Robert Scaer.  Scaer is a neurobiologist, not a psychologist, and boy howdy can you tell in his writing.  This one is a little more challenging, but it has a lot of medical stuff if you want to use that in your fic and wikipedia isn't doing it for you.



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So. Managed to completely fuck up my neck by, ah, sleeping. Yeah. And I woke up to pee two hours before my alarm as well, and my neck was fine then. First time this has happened to me, and it is no fun.

Actually anti-fun to try and use my laptop right now, bah. Ow. Whine.

Wanting to make a post for days and days, like about how I'm watching Xena now. Or how VidUKon got me to relax and love vidding again with our bonkers fun-times collab, so now I'm also making an overly-literal Xena vidlet. #Funsies

Or about GLOW, which I finished right before starting work again. Or my trip to London/VidUKon and the awesome people thereabouts. Some articles and such I've stumbled across on twitter. How I'm going to be an aunt in not too long.

But, ow. So, here's some icons I posted, bye!

01-10 glow
11-15 wonder woman
16-20 xena
21-24 supergirl
25-28 misc


VIDEO: Crackusatsu 2

  • Jul. 13th, 2017 at 1:39 AM
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Fandom(s): Kamen Rider (OOO, Wizard, Gaim, Ex-Aid), Power Rangers (Time Force, Ninja Storm, Mystic Force, R.P.M., Samurai, Dino Charge, Ninja Steel, 2017 Movie), Super Sentai (Megaranger, Gingaman, Timeranger, Dekaranger, Kyōryūger, Ninninger, Zyuohger, Kyuranger), Dino Force Brave, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Subject: Various
Song: Various
Summary: Your friendly neighborhood dealer is back with more toku crack!
AKA Attack of the Kamen Riders because they only had 3 parts in the last one and overtook the majority in this one!
Warning: Minor spoilers for a couple shows, but the only one that is really spoiler-ish out of context is Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.

I'm currently watching Kamen Rider OOO (8 episodes left), so that is really prominent in my brain and I was constantly jotting down things to add as I was watching the show. And I also re-watched the Wizard net movies recently because they are such a gold mine for comedy.

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Can you believe big corporations and the politicians who back them have been trying to regulate the internet like television and radio, since, like, 2011 (IIRC)? And with laws that would benefit major corporations (ISP in particular) and put the poor or working class at a major disadvantage, and basically make it impossible to access information if said corps. don't like sites or charge for speed? There are still posts on this blog from my LiveJournal Days back when SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA, were a thing. Like, holy, shit, they just don't stop.

If you haven't already, head over to places like the following:

Dear FCC.org


And make your voice heard.

Casting news

  • Jul. 11th, 2017 at 4:19 PM
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GOOD GRAVY, when I said that I'd be excited to see what Adelaide Kane does next now that Reign is over, I didn't mean that I'd be stoked for her to hop on over to Once Upon a Time.

On the one hand, congrats to her on getting the part! On the other hand, GAWDDAMMIT I WAS PREPARED TO GIVE ANY SHOW SHE'D DO NEXT A SHOT EXCEPT THAT ONE.

VIDEO: The Girl I Used to Be

  • Jul. 9th, 2017 at 3:43 PM
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Fandom: Power Rangers Dino Charge
Subject: Kendall/Shelby
Song: Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self by P!nk
Summary: Whenever Kendall looks at Shelby, sometimes it feels like she's almost looking in a mirror.

What is this? Didn't I just finish a video yesterday?
I admit, I started this pretty much immediately after I posted my last vid and stayed up entirely too late working on it last night. But it's something I've been thinking about doing for months now. I've just had other things that I wanted to get done first.
Although, my Dino Charge Volume 1 DVD can rot because, while every other volume was pretty much fine this time, those episodes I have such a hard time editing because of stray frames popping up out of nowhere.

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VIDEO: I Can Love You

  • Jul. 8th, 2017 at 5:54 PM
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Fandom: Power Rangers (Original Flavor)
Subject: Tommy/Kat (with minor Tommy/Kim)
Song: I Can Love You by Mary J. Blige
Summary: Katherine believes that she loves Tommy more than Kimberly ever could.

This is a request vid that took way too long to finish. Not that I didn't want to work on it, I just kept getting distracted by Gingaman (which I finished), Kamen Rider OOO (which I'm almost finished), Netflix's GLOW (which I finished in 2 days), random matches in Splatoon, and lots of toku concerts that I could not stop re-watching daily.

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That sounds familiar ...

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I'm listening to the 1200 years of women composers playlist on Spotify (it's 78 hours long with lots of really great music, give it a shot).  I think my favorite composers are Alice Mary Smith (1839-1884) and Amy Beach (1867-1944).  But anyway, as I'm listening to Smith's Symphony in C Minor, I notice several fragments of phrases that sound a lot like the Hobbit themes from The Lord of the Rings.  Not an entire melodic line, but a few bars of a phrase that then weave into something different, and then a few minutes later there's another one.  Howard Shore obviously knows Smith's work, even if I've never heard of her before.  (Why, I don't know, because her work is delightful.)